Cross Stitch Magnets [ Tutorial ]


I’ve been hearing of some interest for a picture tutorial of my cross stitch magnets so here goes! This is just the instructions for the assembly of the magnet, if you need a basic cross stitch tutorial too, I like Mochi Mochi Land’s.


To make cross stitch magnets you will need:

Supplies 1

  • aida cloth & tapestry needle
  • magnet – I used a neodymium magnet though any kind should be ok
  • 2 wooden discs of the same size ( I found a bag of mix and match shapes and sizes at my Michaels for about $5)
  • stuffing or cotton balls (optional – I happened to have a ton of toy stuffing left over from making amigurumi)

Supplies 2

  • Craft glue, I used E6000 (I haven’t experimented with other glues but it’s probably best to use a craft glue like this one that can deal with porous surfaces)
  • craft paint and brush (optional)
  • embroidery floss
  • scissors


1. If you want to paint one of your wood discs, do that first. Since wood shapes from the craft store are kind of blah, I think painting it makes the magnet look more finished. A nice wood varnish would be super classy too.

You only need to paint one because the other will be completely hidden.

Painting a wood disc with black acrylic paint

The cheapo stuff can cost less than $3 for both paint and sponge brush.

2. Now for the stitching. Trace your shape and cut a piece of aida cloth that is big enough for your shape plus 1/2 to 3/4 inch extra on every side.

Trace your disc onto your aida cloth

3. Stitch! Here’s my finished dinosaur pattern. Do you recognize him? He’s the dino you see if you don’t have internet connection when you’re using Chrome. Hope you don’t see him as often as I do.

Finished Stitches

4. Now it’s time to cut some tabs. I recommend 16 tabs as shown, start by cutting at the top, bottom, left and right, using the grid of the cloth to guide you. Then cut in the middle of each of those tabs to make 8, and then again to make 16. NOTE: Don’t cut your tabs all the way to the outline of your shape. I stop cutting 2 squares outside of the outline. You’ll need the extra space to wrap around the stuffing and wood piece.

Cutting tabs into the aida cloth

To ease the gluing step, I like to fold the tabs in a bit as shown.

5. It’s time to glue! Your cloth with finished stitches should be face down on the table. In the center, put some stuffing or cotton balls down if you’re using them — you don’t need very much. Then place your unpainted wood disc down on top of that.

6. Your glue may have slightly different instructions, but if you’re using E6000, be sure to apply glue to both the wood circle and each tab to be glued. E6000 works best if you cover the entire area with a thin layer.

Apply glue to both surfaces!

Apply glue to both surfaces!

7. You must (MUST!) let the glue sit for two minutes to let it get tacky before pressing the two sides together. I even set a timer on my smartphone because I know I’m so impatient.

8. I glue 4 tabs at a time as shown here.


9. Then glue your painted circle on the back and your magnet on top of that. Again, be sure to apply the glue to each surface and wait 2 minutes for the glue to get tacky before pressing them together. Be very sparing with the glue when attaching the magnet to avoid any leakage.

magnet finished back

10. And there you have it! It’s best to let the glue dry for at least 24 hours before putting this on your fridge. Here are some of my finished examples. If you decide to make some cross stitch magnets of your own, post some pictures and link me in the comments!

Finished Dino Magnet

Totoro magnet

Again, link me pictures of your magnets in the comments!

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